Organizational Climate Survey

Target Audience: All employees

In today's competitive business environment, organizations are always looking for ways to gain an advantage over their competitors. Successful organizations realize the value of creating a work environment (or climate) that is pleasant, and motivates employees to be committed and effective performers. Research has identified various aspects of an organization's work climate that, if positive, can help retain employees, reduce turnover, and enhance job performance and satisfaction. The Corporate Climate Survey examines employee opinions about the quality of their organization's work climate and can be used to identify opportunities for workplace improvements. The following is a brief description of the work climate dimensions measured by the survey. Our consultants are always working to add new dimensions based on our own research.

Role-Clarity: Employees clearly understand their job duties and their role within the organization.

Employee/Management Relations: Employee relationships with management are based on trust, cooperation, open communication, and employees believe management is effective.

Respect: Employees value and feel values by their co-workers and the organization.

Communication: Important information is communicated effectively, and employees believe they have a voice in the organization.

Performance/Reward Systems: Employees performance is fairly evaluated, and they are adequately rewarded for their contributions.

Career Development: Employees are provided with adequate training/development opportunities to improve their professional skills.

Decision-Making/Coordination: Decision-making, delegation, and coordination are effective.

Innovation: Work methods are innovative and employees are encouraged to be creative and express new ideas.

Relationships: Employee and customer needs are valued by the organization.

Teamwork/Support: Employees are encouraged to be team players and are provided the support needed to perform effectively.

Quality of Service: Employees are proud of the quality of service provided by their work team and the organization.

Conflict Management: Conflicts are handled openly and fairly and innovative ways of preventing conflicts are used throughout the organization.

Morale: Employees are motivated to perform well and morale is high.

Direction/Strategy: Employees understand the direction the organization is headed and the organization's vision and goals

Items on the this survey template are organized by dimension. It is recommended that if you use this template you re-order the items so they are not organized by dimension.