We encourage you to compare our features with those of our competitors. We think you will agree that for $19.95/month or $199.00/year no other product offers features more comprehensive than ZipSurvey™.

Maximum number of survey items per Survey Unlimited
Maximum number of surveys per annual account Unlimited
Maximum number of completed surveys per year Unlimited
Unique client administration module
Support multi-language surveys
Ability to manage surveys using custom folders
Survey Formatting
Complete on screen help available describing every feature and using simple instructions
Design surveys from scratch
Use our Survey Templates developed by I/O psychologists including Climate Survey, Diversity Survey, Communication, Survey, and HR Audits (Management/Non-Management versions).......over 400 items included at no additional cost.
Copy questions from existing surveys
Item Branching
Item Skip Logic
Multiple-page survey
Customizable background, title colors
Customizable font styles and sizes
Add your own logo
Optional "Percent completed" indicator
Ability to customize standard messages (e.g. Closed survey, Save & Return)
Ability to customize buttons (e.g. Begin Survey, Continue)
Cookie-free, HTML compliant surveys
Survey copying and deleting
Real-time format and survey previews in new Internet Browser window
Question and Page Formatting
Complete on screen help available describing every feature and using simple instructions
Question response values saved as text or numeric data
Custom "thank you" message upon survey completion
“Required Question” option
Item organization: move question up, down or anywhere on question list
Question Types: Drop-down, radio-button, check-box, rank-order, open-ended, radio-button matrix, drop-down matrix, automatic sum, automatic percentage, numeric, display text
Privacy and Security
Anonymous surveys with Corporate Survey.com's Privacy Protocol
SSL Encryption available upon request Optional
Survey Administration
Complete on screen help available describing every feature and using simple instructions
Test before launch (ability to clear test results)
Simple URL for survey access
Email List Manager for creating email lists
Distribution Manager for sending invitations
Participant tracking
Distribution manager for sending reminder emails to non-respondents
Distribution Manager for sending follow-up emails
Alias email: Any email address may be used as the "From:" email address
Block multiple responses by creating individual survey URL's for each survey respondent.
Unique Key generator enables administrator to generate and print unique survey URL's (i.e. for use on business cards, in letters, at trade shows etc.)
Unique respondent passwords available upon request (Unique Keys is recommended approach) Optional
'Save and Continue Later' functionality enabling respondents to complete surveys in multiple sessions
Print hard-copy versions of survey for distribution
May embed survey link into web page
Redirect to web page of choice upon completion of survey
Specify limits on number of completed surveys; closing survey upon reaching limits
Ability to set 'open' and 'close' status for surveys and create a custom message to respondents when the survey administration window is 'closed'
Analysis & Reporting
Complete on screen help available describing every feature and using simple instructions
Ability to share results with others by emailing link to web reports; providing ability for others to filter web-based reports
Response Monitor real-time survey-usage statistics including survey 'views'
Real-time item frequency reports
Graphical output as bar charts
Response option percentages and counts
Ability to view open-ended comments
Data filtering capabilities
Export data file into popular statistics programs (Excel, SPSS, Statistica, SAS)
Additional Features
Private-label of ZipSurvey available Optional
“Guidelines for Developing Effective Organizational Surveys” – 40 pages of tips in textbook format developed by Dr. Chris Wright
E-mail and support ticketing for quick support turnaround
Guaranteed less than 12-hour response to help requests submitted by e-mail
Survey development consulting available by Ph.D. level consultants available at discounted rate of $150/hour for ZipSurvey customers

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